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  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Certification

    The ESB certification is built to test and validate foundation-level concepts and knowledge in entrepreneurship and small business management. These core concepts include entrepreneurship; recognizing and evaluating opportunities; planning for, starting, and operating a business; marketing and sales; venture capital and seed funding; and financial management.

    Class Objectives are as follows:

    1. The Entrepreneur:
      1.1  Identify the characteristics of entrepreneurs
      1.2  Given a scenario including a self-assessment outcome, identify the strengths, weaknesses, and risk tolerance the self-assessment identifies and how to compensate with services
      1.3  Given a scenario, recognize a business opportunity
      1.4  Identify the risks, benefits, opportunities, and drawbacks of being an entrepreneur
    2. Opportunity Recognition:
      2.1  Identify the benefits and drawbacks of different types of opportunities (e.g., start a new business, buy an existing business, and buy a franchise)
      2.2  Given a scenario, analyze the demand for the goods or service and opportunities in an environment
      2.3  Given a scenario, identify the customers or potential customers for a business
      2.4  Given a scenario, recognize a value proposition
    3. Starting a Business:
      3.1  Identify the purposes and value of a business plan
      3.2  Identify the appropriate legal structure, benefits and drawbacks for different legal structures for a business
      3.3  Given a scenario, identify different types of licenses and regulations that are required
      3.4  Identify the benefits and drawbacks of various sources of start-
      up funding: Equity (friends/family, angels, venture), Debt (bank, credit cards, personal loans), and Grants (government, foundation, corporate)
      3.5  Given a scenario, identify support that is available for the business on a local, state, and federal level
      3.6  Identify the ethical practices and social responsibilities of a business
      3.7  Identify potential exit strategies for a business
    4. Business Operations:
      4.1  Given a scenario, identify key positions and human capital needs (including compensation and benefits)
      4.2  Given a scenario, determine whether work can be completed by the owner or whether employees or service providers are needed
      4.3  Given a scenario, identify the taxes that are required
      4.4  Given a scenario, identify intellectual property issues of trademarks, copyrights, and patents
      4.5  Given a scenario, identify standard operating procedures (e.g., setup, conduct, internal controls, separation of duties)
      4.6  Given a scenario, identify the factors that led to sustainability
      4.7  Given a scenario, identify milestone as part of a growth strategy
    5. Marketing and Sales:
      5.1  Given a scenario, develop a sales strategy and identify characteristics of a successful sale
      5.2  Given a scenario, identify and analyze the costs/benefits of finding customers
      5.3  Given a scenario, identify how to retain customers and develop a relationship with repeat customers
      5.4  Given a scenario, determine value and methods of communication including: web sites, brochures, social media, and advertising
    6. Financial Management:
      6.1  Given a scenario, interpret basic financial statements such as income statements and balance sheets
      6.2  Given a scenario, identify the factors that influence credit ratings and the importance of a positive credit rating
      6.3  Given a list of expenses, identify which are fixed versus variable
      6.4  Given a scenario, identify the factors that impact the price to the customer
      6.5  Given a scenario, identify and analyze cash flow including accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory, and debt
      6.6  Given a scenario, create a cash flow budget
      6.7  Given a scenario, identify the breakeven point for the business
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    Our Partners

    Central Florida Urban League’s Corporate Partners program offers your company high visibility and recognition which best suits your firm. The Urban League believes that we must create a mutually beneficial relationship that will help us serve families and youth throughout Central Florida while helping you grow your business.

    Each level of sponsorship provides a variety of benefits that offer extensive exposure to your company. Our Corporate Partners program provides high return on your company’s investment in the Urban League. We can also customize a package to meet the needs of your firm.

    In addition, we always appreciate your in-kind gifts in the form of services and/or supplies such as food, beverages, printing services etc.

    An investment in the Urban League by area companies and businesses allows us to change the lives of individuals throughout Central Florida. We thank these Corporate Partners for investing in the people of our community.

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    Pre-Trial Diversion

    Your donation will help ensure that no one in our community has to face a crisis alone.

    For your convenience, you may make your full contribution to the Central Florida Urban League. Following your donation, you will immediately receive a donation receipt via email.

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    Donate to CFUL

    Your contribution to the Central Florida Urban League allows us to assist hundreds of youths and adults with their employment needs, including counseling, computer training, job referrals and job placements.

    In addition, thanks to your financial support, your contribution ensures that key services, such as our foreclosure counseling and home purchase programs, are provided which meet the critical needs of citizens in the Central Florida community.

    Clearly, the most effective way to address the economic, social and educational inequities and to promote social change in Central Florida is by becoming a member of the Urban League.

    When you become a member or financial supporter of the Central Florida Urban League, you help provide the tools needed to drive economic growth for our community. Together, we can transform the dreams of our community into a reality.

    Why become a member of the Central Florida Urban League?

    • You will be a part of a dynamic organization that is charting a new course and pursuing aggressive goals to serve our Central Florida community.

    • Your membership supports programs that make a direct and positive impact to our community.

    • Your membership allows you to get involved and stay informed about issues that affect African Americans. You will receive newsletters and key publications that address the concerns of this community.

    • Your membership gives you access to programs and services and discounts on products and, as well as events.

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