Health Department

The Central Florida Urban League believes that keeping our children healthy and safe is a shared, community responsibility.

Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) Prevention Program:

Child sexual abuse can be prevented and its impact on children can be avoided. To that effect, the CFUL provides a Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program.

The program’s objective is to educate and increase community awareness of child sexual abuse and personal safety while increasing knowledge of community resources.

The CSA Prevention Program empowers the community about child welfare as well as teaches parents and other concerned adults:

  • How to protect their children from child sexual abuse;
  • How to educate children about child sexual abuse prevention;
  • How to recognize signs that sexual abuse is occurring and take steps to stop it;
  • How to respond to disclosures of sexual abuse;
  • How to strengthen healthy family dynamics as a protective factor.

The CSA prevention services are available for our community when there is a group of five (5) or more people interested in learning about child sexual abuse. Workshops and outreach events are held at community centers, churches, schools, offices, and any other location convenient to the groups.