Youth Navigator

The Central Florida Urban League’s Youth Navigator program provides at-risk youth, between 16 to 24 years of age, with an educational and training bridge to become better prepared for life as an adult. Our program ensures that youth receive both skills training and mentoring to develop into productive members of society. Furthermore, due to a number of partnerships with The Florida Department of Education, CareerSource Central Florida, City of Orlando and local businesses, youth have the opportunity to pursue academic goals and/or hone current skills to meet the needs of local employers and enter the workforce.

We mostly serve youth between 16 to 24 years old who have committed misdemeanor crimes and youth who have dropped out of school. These students in high-risk environments face many challenges that are barriers for success and the Youth Empowerment Program serves as a catalyst for change. The youth are taught the dire repercussions from crime and the importance of participating in crime prevention programs in their community. The goal of the program is to prepare youth for entry into the professional world and deter youth from engaging in delinquent behavior that could result in adjudication. Youth are paired with a mentor to ensure that they remain on a correct path and are given opportunities including internships, skills training and unsubsidized employment. To ensure their all-around development as young adults, youth are also required to perform community service with community-based organizations. Our program is facilitated through youth club workshops, community activities, school activities, community-wide events, and youth conferences. The Central Florida Urban League has served over 500 young adults, with a yearly average of 100.