Meet the Bankers to receive $30,000 from the FAIRWINDS Foundation

Recently, the Central Florida Urban League announced a partnership with FAIRWINDS Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that serves as the philanthropic arm of FAIRWINDS Credit Union, that will further the CFUL’s support of the City of Orlando’s Blueprint 2.0 program.

Under the new agreement, the Foundation will contribute $30,000 and employee volunteers from FAIRWINDS to support the CFUL’s Meet the Bankers program, an initiative designed to provide a detailed path to financial stability and home ownership through education.

Launched in 2016, the CFUL's Meet the Bankers program afforded unbanked, low-to-moderate income individuals the opportunity to consult one-on-one with a representative from a financial institution. Beyond empowering participants to establish and pursue their financial goals, the time spent with a banker also led to the establishment of, or reestablishment of, trust in employees of the financial sector, a critical metric for measuring the financial health of a community. In partnering with the CFUL team, FAIRWINDS Foundation will provide invaluable financial and educational support to the program as it continues to evolve.

“We are grateful for our public-private partnership with both the City of Orlando and 
FAIRWINDS Credit Union,” said Glenton Gilzean, President and CEO of the Central Florida Urban League. “This multi-faceted investment by the FAIRWINDS Foundation to support the Central Florida Urban League and its work with the Blueprint 2.0 program will undoubtedly change lives by equipping people with the tools they need to become financially literate and competitive in today’s job market. Ultimately, through programs like Blueprint 2.0 and with our community partners, we will achieve our long term goal of eliminating generational poverty.”
As part of the agreement, FAIRWINDS Credit Union employees will be tapped to lead financial literacy workshops to teach program participants to develop efficient household budgets, create savings plans, manage debt, formulate strategic investment decisions for themselves and their families and avoid common pitfalls such as predatory loans.

“Thanks to the generosity of the  FAIRWINDS  Foundation, the Central Florida Urban League now has even more tools to improve lives through education,” said Orlando Commissioner Regina Hill. “Partnerships like this bring an even greater impact to Orlando’s new Blueprint 2.0 program that connects residents to job and training opportunities.”

“Due to its standing in the community, Central Florida Urban League is uniquely positioned to provide guidance on the critical issue of financial literacy,” said Elisha González, executive director of the FAIRWINDS Foundation. “As their work perfectly complements the mission and vision of the FAIRWINDS Foundation, this partnership represents a natural next step for our team as we work to promote responsibility, security and freedom in the communities we serve.”

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