ORLANDO, FEBRUARY 3, 2016 – The Central Florida Urban League (CFUL) is marking Black History Month by looking to the future, one that the organization strives to ensure is as bright as ever for the African American community in Central Florida.  

“Black History Month is a time to celebrate and honor African Americans and their incredible contributions to all aspects of society – both past and present,” said Glen Gilzean, Interim President and CEO of the Central Florida Urban League.  

“The mission of the Central Florida Urban League is to empower African Americans with the necessary tools to rise above any and all struggles and challenges they faceOn a daily basis, we provide the support needed to ensure that they have full control of their future. This month serves as a beacon of hope for our youth as we remember the past and look to the future, one ripe with unlimited potential, added Gilzean. 

“This being the final Black History Month of President Barack Obama’s term in office, I believe it is important to recognize how President Obama has defined black history for a new generation. Beginning with his election in 2008, the President has become the ultimate example for African American youth, proving to them that there is no longer any position unattainable or dream to great.”  

For more information on the Central Florida Urban League, please visit: www.cful.org   

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Daniel Smajovits 

Communications Consultant, CFUL