CFUL President and CEO Vacancy

The Central Florida Urban League is currently accepting applications for its President and CEO.

Candidates for the Affiliate President and Chief Executive Officer position must have a proven track record of leadership and management in a modern community-based nonprofit organization. 

For the full job description, please click here or continue reading below. 

Interested applicants may download the full application package here. Once completed, please click here ([email protected]to email the completed application package, along with your resume and cover letter. 


The President/Chief Executive Officer:

  1. Serves as the chief administrator and is responsible to the Board of Directors/Trustees.
  2. Demonstrates the ability to develop, articulate and communicate a vision for the local affiliate.
  3. Provides leadership to the organization, administering its functions and operations.
  4. Assists in the development of short- and long-range objectives, plans and policies for board approval.
  5. Plans, administers, and monitors the day-to-day operations of the affiliate.
  6. Acts as principal spokesperson, in conjunction with the Board President, representing the needs and interests of the affiliate.
  7. Generates new ideas and lead through completion.
  8. Initiates and maintains relationships with staff, board, political, corporate and community leaders.
  9. Keeps abreast of issues facing the African-American and minority community.
  10. Establishes agenda items and outlines each into actions items for completion.
  11. Forms a disciplined approach to achieving goals and objectives.
  12. Engages in dialogue across race, gender, sexual orientation, economic, and other differences.


  1. Directs the day-to-day operation of the affiliate.
  2. Implements and administers affiliate policies and procedures.
  3. Demonstrates wisdom, tact and diplomacy in managing internal and external politics.
  4. Evaluates programs and services administered by the affiliate.
  5. Engages multiple stakeholders in the mission, goals, and objectives of the Urban League.


  1. Conducts research and analysis of community and constituents’ needs.
  2. Produces goods and services that meet community and constituents’ needs.
  3. Assists the board in the development of strategic plans, long- and short-range goals and objectives.
  4. Attracts, develops and leverages a powerful board in support of the affiliates mission, goals.
  5. Plans for personnel resources to meet the needs of the affiliate and ensures the maintenance of programs and services.


  1. Monitors the policies, plans and procedures of the affiliate
  2. Monitors programs and services to ensure that constituent needs have been met.
  3. Monitors affiliate fiscal administration to ensure accordance with Standards of Accounting for Voluntary Non-Profit Organizations and Agencies
  4. Monitors all phases of human resource administration.


  1. Assists the board in establishing, developing and achieving fund raising strategies and programs.
  2. Identifies funding resources to ensure a positive impact on affiliate finances, such as the United Way, proposals to funding sources, annual campaigns, corporate solicitations, etc.
  3. Articulates and show results achieved by the affiliate to funding sources.


  1. Assists the board in strategic financial planning and development of affiliate budget.
  2. Provides complete, accurate and timely financial reports to board and funding sources.
  3. Implements systems of internal controls to safeguard agency funds and mitigate risk; ensures fiscal accounting and reporting in accordance with standards of accounting for voluntary nonprofit organizations and agencies.


  1. Assists in the development and implementation of personnel policies including benefits.
  2. Supervises affiliate personnel, providing performance appraisals and other professional developmental activities.
  3. Exercises authority for the selection, training, and corrective action of staff within the limit of policy and budget.
  4. Maintains confidentiality of personnel information, actions, and records.


  1. Assists the board in the development and implementation of a public relations strategy designed to communicate the mission, programs, and services to the community.
  2. Act, in conjunction with the Board Chairperson, as the principal spokesperson for the affiliate; ensures affiliate mission, programs, and services are communicated to the community.
  3. Maintains liaison with community groups and agencies; ensures activities of the affiliate are coordinated with appropriate groups which impact the community.
  4. Implements public relations strategies that enhance the image, visibility and profile of the affiliate.
  5. Conveys information in timely and appropriate manner to all stakeholders.


  1. Generates enthusiasm in building a compelling vision of the affiliate and solicits support from key stakeholders and constituents.
  2. Manages activities associated with change and transitioning the affiliate to high visibility position?
  3. Empowers and engages others, through shared leadership activities, to manage stress associated with changing the vision of the affiliate.


  1. Keeps abreast of legislation affecting the affiliate constituents.
  2. Participates in policy development and debate, affecting constituents and stakeholders.


  1. Assists in development and implementation of strategic plan.
  2. Monitors and tracts success of strategic plan.
  3. Develops concepts and targeted plans of action into measurable goals.
  4. Provides focus and direction on key ideas.


Applicants must have five years of optimum senior nonprofit or for-profit management experience in administration, fund raising, fiscal management, strategic planning, marketing and promotion, board development and relations, communications, resource development, and community mobilization and collaboration. Experience in research, public and community education, the development, implementation and evaluation of programs, and management of volunteers is preferred. 


A Bachelor’s degree is required, Master’s degree preferred, with a specialization in social work, business administration, public administration, nonprofit management, urban planning, human resources management, education, political science or an appropriate related discipline. 

Prior Urban League experience is a plus.