AC_FLORIDA-transparent.pngORLANDO, NOVEMBER 11, 2016 - The Central Florida Urban League is proud to announce that it has received $30,000 in AmeriCorps funding from Volunteer Florida in order to properly lay the foundation to bring the My Brother’s Keeper initiative to our community.

 As one of 36 AmeriCorps programs across the state to be funded, the award will allow the CFUL to play a significant role in increasing student achievement, boosting high school graduation rates, and providing career readiness and teacher training.

“The My Brother’s Keeper initiative is directly in line with the core values and mission of the Central Florida Urban League,” said Glenton Gilzean Jr., President and CEO. “We are very grateful to be one of only 36 organizations to receive funding this cycle; this money will ensure that we can effectively bring this important initiative to the youth of Central Florida in 2017.


Volunteer Florida will administer the funding, which includes $12,071,622 in federal grants from the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) and includes matching funds representing our community’s local investment in the Central Florida Urban League.  

AmeriCorps members dedicate a year of their lives to service, gaining valuable job skills and learning to succeed in the most challenging environments. This funding will eventually allow the CFUL to put AmeriCorps members to work in our community.


AmeriCorps members dedicate a year of their life to service to local organizations such as the CFUL and gain invaluable job skills in preparation to enter the workforce. Many AmeriCorps members attend college in the area in which they serve, providing a direct investment in Florida’s colleges and universities.