Jasmyne Reese | President

Jasmyne Reese is a true advocate for small communities. She is a native of the historic Town of Eatonville, the oldest municipal incorporated by African Americans. It was here that Jasmyne learned not only the importance of community but the necessity for advocacy and accessibility.

Jasmyne attended Florida A&M University and received a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies from the University of Central Florida. She has stayed rooted in her community and has spearheaded many accomplishments for her hometown. She has centered her advocacy work on the intersections of race and health inequities. Within this work, she creates solutions and policies that increase access to a better quality of life for marginalized communities. Jasmyne increased property values and reduced slum and blight within Eatonville by creating and implementing residential and commercial grant programs. She also helped plan the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Site Visit, which led the Town of Eatonville to be the recipient of the 2018 Culture of Health Prize. She has been instrumental in preserving Eatonville’s history and significance through restoration projects such as the “Dust Tracks on a Road” Historic Trail, which has been nationally broadcasted.

Jasmyne currently serves as the Interim Executive Director of Playground City in Orlando, Florida, a nonprofit organization making education fun and playful for residents of all ages.

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