Operation Ceasefire: Pine Hills

Alongside local law enforcement, clergy and community leaders, the Central Florida Urban League is proud to launch Operation Ceasefire: Pine Hills on Tuesday, January 30 (2 p.m.) at the Experience Christian Center (5329 Indian Hill Road) in Pine Hills.

Operation Ceasefire is a community-led initiative meant to curb gun violence in Pine Hills through early intervention and mentoring that encompasses community leaders, social services and law enforcement.

Following the launch, the outreach begins immediately with the first community walk (3 pm).

“The Central Florida Urban League is committed bridging the gap between the community and law enforcement,” said Glenton Gilzean Jr., President and C.E.O. of the Central Florida Urban League. “The ultimate goal of this initiative is to reduce gun violence by at least 30 percent over five years. This program is a coordinated effort to change the behavior of those most at-risk through positive reinforcement and a strong, visible support system."

Operation Ceasefire: Pine Hills is a multi-faceted program that will be rolled out in stages, beginning with the monthly night walks. The goal of these walks is to monitor and foster greater engagement with individuals whom are most at-risk. As the program is fully implemented, targeted individuals will receive personalized outreach from the CFUL Street Outreach team. Once receptive to the CFUL's overtures, they will be assigned a case manager and a mentor to work with them on improving their situation.