Thank You: Attorney General Ashley Moody

The future of Central Florida is on the right path – and this is directly as a result of the support of Ashley Moody and the Office of the Attorney General, who has provided the Central Florida Urban League, and other local organizations, with an annual grant to bridge the gap between our community and law enforcement.

In the past, our community went through a very challenging period with local law enforcement, but the support of Ashley Moody and her office has allowed us to overcome these challenges,  build bridges and help re-establish trust.  

Together, programs that are made possible by the Office of the Attorney General and facilitated by the CFUL have saved countless lives. Our youth now feel empowered to reach out to law enforcement as allies, ensuring that they feel safer both at home and in the community. Central Florida has become a shining example for other regions across the country to replicate and for this, we thank you.

Please see this special thank you video here.