Thank You: CareerSource of Central Florida

At the Central Florida Urban League, we truly believe that education is the key to achieving our goal of ending generational poverty in our community and CareerSource of Central Florida has been our main partner in these efforts.

The educational and upskilling opportunities provided by CareerSource of Central Florida has led to the upskilling of hundreds of individuals. With in-demand skills in hand, these individuals have secured higher paying jobs and professional opportunities which were previously unavailable to them.

Individual by individual, family by family, CareerSource of Central Florida has empowered our clients with the tools they need safeguard their personal and professional future. Complemented by our financial literacy courses, these individuals are saving for their retirement, planning their children’s future and putting down payments on homes.

Thank you to CareerSource of Central Florida for continuing to help us provide these opportunities to all who seek them – by working together, generational poverty will one day be a term of the past.  

Please see this special thank you video here.