Thank You: City of Sanford

One of the main goals of the Central Florida Urban League is to establish a physical presence in each county we serve, and we cannot thank the City of Sanford enough for providing us with the opportunity to open up our first office in Seminole County.

The donation of land, which we will use to construct a state-of-the-art office, will allow us to lift up countless individuals in the City of Sanford and reach so many more throughout Seminole County. From this new office, we will help our youth stay on the right path and work with adults to upskill and reskill themselves, safeguarding their future as well.

The opportunities that the Central Florida Urban League can provide residents of Sanford and Seminole County are endless. From this new office, we will truly make inroads in our goal of breaking the cycle of generational poverty in Central Florida. We’re looking forward to a long and fruitful partnership. Thank you for your faith in us and for your support.

Please see this special thank you video here.