Thank You: Publix

There are few Florida-based companies as well known as Publix. Headquartered just up the road in Lakeland, Publix has always stepped up to the plate as a true community partner, taking an active interest in the future of our youth. We cannot thank Publix enough for actively involving themselves in our community via their continued support for our children and young adults.

In many cases, Publix has served as the first-ever job for many of our students, helping them learn valuable life skills and in turn, preparing them for their future in the workforce.

For its values and dedication to our community, our students take pride in joining the Publix family and we could not be prouder to have Publix as a partner.

With stores located now well beyond the state of Florida, Publix has always remembered that its roots began in region. You have helped thousands of youth begin their path to prosperity by opening up their your doors and in turn, you have helped us along our mission to uplift and break the cycle of generational poverty.

Please see this special thank you video here.