Thank You: Wells Fargo

Our community would not be the same if it were not for the help of Wells Fargo. As a company, Wells Fargo was one of the first corporations to lead the charge in helping Central Florida’s small business community flourish by providing entrepreneurs with the tools they need to make their ideas come to life.

As any small business owner knows, the initial success of any business is dependent on building a proper foundation – rooted in proper planning, budgeting and forecasting. Wells Fargo’s team has consistently been present in our community to provide the tools our entrepreneurs need to build this foundation. Furthermore, their funding supported organizations, such as the Central Florida Urban League, to offer our clients an entrepreneurship and small business certification course, which continues to provide individuals with the aforementioned tools and more to provide local entrepreneurs with the highest chance for success.   

On behalf of all those in our community, which include thousands who have been directly helped by Wells Fargo and the thousands more who are now employed at these small businesses as a result your help, thank you to Wells Fargo for being a true partner and not only helping our business community survive, but thrive.  

Please see this special thank you video here.