Words and Wonders: Food Poetry Contest Submissions due July 29,2022


April 07, 2022 at 4:00pm – June 29, 2022

Words & Wonders: Food 

Do you want to share your poetry with the City of Orlando?

As we continue to encourage creativity and writing, our next theme of Words & Wonders will be “Food!”

What makes your taste buds jump for joy? What smells trigger that salivation button? How creative can you get when it comes to all things "Food?" We are challenging poets across Central Florida to submit written and spoken word poetry about it! Yes, we eat to survive but there's so much to be said around the experience of food. What words can you make sizzle?! We can't wait to see, hear, and even smell what you come up with! 

Submit your poem here by July 29, 2022.